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07-07-05, 02:00 AM
okay, so just recently (aka today) my computer has started having completely random restarts. not freezes, but the monitor just goes black and the whole computer restarts. also, when it boots back up, i get "windows has recovered from a serious error" messages, usually saying "caused by a device driver" or "caused by a graphics device driver."

i've already changed the video card (from integrated to geforce 256 and back....6800 is in the mail). i just reformatted, and am in the process of attempting to re-copy my backed-up music etc. back onto my hard drive.

i dont *think* it could be heat, because, as i'm typing, i have a house fan blowing into my case.

i'm thinking it might be either a) my power supply, which would be okay, i ordered a new one along with the 6800, b) my hard drive which has been sounding slightly different lately, or c) my ram, which are two rosewill pc-3200 512mb sticks...not sure if they're reliable or not, but they were cheap.


AthlonXP 2200+
WindowsXP SP1 (never can get through sp2 update before restart)
FIC AM37 (km266 chipset) mobo
DVD-ROM drive
floppy drive
GeforceDDR in 4x PCI slot
SB Audigy x-Gamer
1 gig Rosewill PC-3200 ram (2x512)
generic emachine 250watt ATX PSU

please please help, i really want this compute to be running by the time my new video card / PSU arrive later this week / next week. thanks for taking the time to read all of this!

also, i suppose i should add that the reason i reformatted in the first place(this only started after a reformat last night), is because i was absent-mindedly browsing the web and for some reason downloaded some funky file and bam, virus city. my virus scanner (avast) couldn't get rid of them, so i backed up my files and reformatted. could the viruses have effed up my hard drive? ugggggh...

edit: hm. just spent a good 15-20 minutes surfing the web. tried to install the DL'ed service pack 2 update from the automatic updates thing, and i get an error message and an unceremonious restart. hm.

07-07-05, 04:50 AM
ugh, nevermind. one of my ram sticks was faulty, apparently. well, time to see how good newegg's service is, i guess.