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12-18-02, 10:06 AM
Im sorry but I just have to tell some one since Im home all alone now (GF is at work)

Got the Cpu now! And it works :D Man im so happy.
Its like SWOOOSH!! And there you are, amazed by the speed ;)

Its like ... Holy Crap!

There, now it feels better ;)

12-18-02, 10:17 AM
Great, what are you full system specs? I always love getting new stuff for my pc :D

12-18-02, 10:49 AM
Ok, lets review my old system, and youŽll understand why Im so exsited :)

mobo:Asus 5PA (or 5pma ... dont really care no more)
cpu:Amd K6-2 450@475
ram:320mb pc100
HDD1:Quantum fireball 4gb
HDD2:Fujjisu 6gb
CDR:Scsi Mat****a 4x/8x
SwapHDD:Fujjisu 8gb
GFX:Geforce 3 Ti 200 @ 230/530
Sound:Sblive player 1024+Sb Awe 32 with 8mb ram.
And thats about it

Ive now upgraded to:
mobo:GA 7VA
cpu:Amd Athlon XP 2400+ @2Ghz Volcano 9 Coolmod.
ram:512mb ddr pc2700 (333mhz
HDD1:Segate Barracuda 80Gb ata 100
CDR:Scsi Mat****a 4x/8x
SwapHDD:Fujjisu 8gb
GFX:Geforce 3 Ti 200 @ 230/530
Sound:Sblive player 1024+Sb Awe 32 with 8mb ram.

So there are still components that needs to be changed, like the burner, and perhaps another HDD when this new one becomes full. Ill wait to upgrade the GFX card when I see new games featuring DX9 stuff, and ofcours wait til the prices drop.

Right now Im configuring Windows as to I had it before. That will take time so I have not been able to play some games yet.
(Ooo man I cant wait to play Ut2003, I boght it this monday just for the new computer)
It will be fun to benchmark with 3dmarks, with the old computer I got 2140 points *hehe*

Some of my experience today:
Dang! Never saw winxp install this fast. I swear it was under 15minutes even tho it listed 40 at first, the minutes just ran away (M$ Really must try to estimate better ... always there weak side)
Ive donŽt think ive ever been so nervous as when I installed the Volcano 9. Have red alot of horror stories *hua!*. Couldnt figure out if the small peice of tape was a thermal pad or not. Luckily I found out it was thermal tape to be used to fix the temp sensor under the cpu. Good thing I didnt use it as a thermal pad ^_^;;
So I picked up some better thermal paste at the store, no arctic silver tho but it should be good. Darn sticky thing! I had a hell of a time applying it with my very very old Nintendo club card *lol*
I also applyed some under the heatsink to fill up the tiny spaces and then wiped it of with a sock I stole in the laundry house :D ... Since I didnt have a good piece of cloth.

Well Its been the best day of my life today when I nervously puched the powerbutton to see the POST screen :)

There is only one thing left to say now ... like HOLy CraP! ... I mean .. um Holy crap ... DuDe! HolY crAP! ... this thing is fast ;)

EDIT: LOL! The board censored the name of my burner! Hahaha
It should be Mat*****a.

12-18-02, 01:08 PM
What's with your sound card? It has memory of it's own?

12-18-02, 01:11 PM
Yes, theres memory there for sound fonts.
on those old cards the memory could be expanded up to 32mb. Some of the Awe cards also had 512kb to 1mb (perhaps2) internal ram, and thats not counting the Soundfont rom with the wavetable.

Sblive uses system ram insted of onboard ram to load sound fonts.

12-19-02, 07:34 PM
Yes that is quite a jump in systems there :D Im sure that you are quite blown away with the difference and the fact that you wouldnt have been getting the most out of your gf3. Now its time to play most of your games @ 1280*1024/960 have you had a chance to play UT2003 yet? hows it play? Well enjoy your new found pc, and upgrading the video card later on will really blow your mind I think :cool:

12-19-02, 09:36 PM
Nice work man

12-19-02, 10:04 PM
Yeah Ive been playing some Ut2003, Man it rocks :) One can tell that the gf3 is the weak link at higher res (above 1024x768)
I have not been able to play as much as I wanted to, that is cos I prefer to play with friends, and my online buddies have not had so much time to play Ut with me.
When I join a random server online I usually loose pretty bad ;)
I just cant do the dodge moves fast enugh as other players.
Humm ... is there an alias command for dodging ? ... would be cool to just have to press one button to execute.

12-23-02, 09:06 AM
That is a dang scwheet upgrade you have got there mate :D

It was worth all of the money to do it then ;)

Why do you run both sound cards out of interest??

12-23-02, 07:14 PM
Oh, well I just think that it is very handy to have 2 soundcards for my music productions and projects :)

This is very weird, Before the upgrade I could not get a picture on my tv with the tv out from my GF3. I tried it again after the upgrade (still the same old gfx card) And it works! :)
(Problem was, very good picture at the top part of the tv (5cm) and the rest was totaly distorted)

Man I was so happy, Now I can play dvd movies on my Tv :) ... and emulators too.

So right now I use the onboard sound for the tv.

12-23-02, 07:18 PM
Happy for ya, man. I remember how it was when I experienced my first "whoosh!" upgrade :)

12-23-02, 07:19 PM
I just thoght Id let you know that from my experience so far, the old Sblive 4.1 is still better than the onboard realtech AC97.

The sound is alot more clear, tho the realtech comes with an Equalizer, A very nice feature I think. But then again, Sblive users get one too if one use the KXProject drivers.

The Realtech has this "3d" audio feature for 2 speakers, That can be quite nice for use with the Tv as I have set it up (as mentioned in previous post).

Well that sums it up I think, Oh yeah .. the realtech realtime effects are pretty lame I think ... they distorte the sound alot and they are not very good I think (Eax is alot better, and it works in games)

12-24-02, 06:40 AM
Thats very sweet :)

Nice upgrade mate.

I think that the best onboard sound you can get is from the nForce series of boards :) That AWE32 is a great card still, puts some much more expensive modern cards to complete shame :)