View Full Version : .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package Beta 2 (x86)

07-08-05, 01:34 AM
dunno if these will help anyone with anything, but its always good to update :) they are dated 5/5 so im suprised no one has mentioned these before, or maybe i just missed it


07-08-05, 02:11 AM
it's probably better to wait for it to be released on windows update.

07-08-05, 03:06 AM
I've been using it for a while on my ATi boxes. The 2.0 framework has quite a few optimizations over 1.1. Be advised that there is a chance this might cause problems with any .Net apps you use though.

07-08-05, 05:23 AM
This release has little benefit unless you are running managed applications based on the .Net framework v2. In this case, you will need this runtime in order to even run the application. The .Net framework 2 and its development tools won't be final until near the end of this year. As a programmer, I can tell you, the new .Net stuff is very cool and nothing to be afraid of.

07-08-05, 08:42 AM
well after i installed it, i saw or imagined some improvements in eq2, lol who knows

07-08-05, 11:27 AM
^ Imagined probably, unless the game is coded with .NET? i tried 2.0 beta a while back and it made several apps n parts of windows unstable.