View Full Version : Image stutters on TV-out when image cloned

07-08-05, 11:07 AM
I am using a Shuttle SN41G2V3 with integrated GeForce4 MX using both VGA out and TV out.

When I installed it I used the supplied drivers (dont know version number) or could have been ones with XP distribution.

Both outputs worked fine except that I could not seem to display the same image on both VGA and TV simultaneously.

I upgraded to 77.72 and now I can clone the image onto both displays however the TV is almost unviewable - every 2 seconds or so the image stutters and a black vertical bar makes the image contract and expand.

I am pretty certain that it is set to the correct format (PAL-I) although it does seem to revert back to another setting quite easily.

Does anyone have any ideas?

PS Last week I posted this problem as a supplement to another problem however that one was resolved.