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07-08-05, 07:49 PM
Lots of fixes & optimizations !


The upcoming v2.0 promises to address quite a few of the issues with plenty of fixes, optimizations, improvements and a few additions. The patch is due for release in the next few weeks, in the meantime read more fior detailed fix list ...

* improved: car dynamics;
* improved: NPC & Combat AI;
* improved: weapon's balance;
* improved: helicopter dynamics, you can now turn on the spot;
* improved: barrel physics;

* added: cans to refuel different kinds of vehicles;
* added: Weapon repair upgrades;
* added: support of non-4:3 video modes;
* added: the Nissan(Melarud) car now has it's own gfx-interface (****pit);
* added: NPC reacts on car horn;
* added: steering Wheel Sensitivity lacks Plus and Minus signs;
* added: informative messages appear while upgrading;

* optimized: grass rendeing and fixed flickering on hilltops;
* optimized: Bodies of Drivers accumulate over time

* fixed: crash while loading some save files;
* fixed: camera control when firing from the Pirania;
* fixed: rendering error in landscape while flying a plane;
* fixed: some situations where the user car would disapear;
* fixed: sometimes in the vehicle list NPC names are displayed;
* fixed: list of vehicles, now the last car you were using is N1;
* fixed: when FPS are low you could fall through the map while driving a car;
* fixed: the snake wasn't able to bite you while you were crawling;
* fixed: car kills NPC's from slight touch;
* fixed: car map indicators remained even after it was destroyed;
* fixed: when you fire the RPG and quickly switch to a different weapon the remaining ammo does not decrease;
* fixed: size of the moon;
* fixed: corrupted frames beetween AVI movies were visible;
* fixed: windows appear as dark squares while it's raining;
* fixed: some open doors dissapear at certain view angles on indoor levels;
* fixed: flickering triangles on bus (3rd person view);
* fixed: boat appears to be filled with water;
* fixed: boat trace can dissapear and flicker under some viewing angles;
* fixed: flickering carpets in federal base;
* fixed: posters in bar vanish as you turn away from them;
* fixed: dog does not cast shadows;
* fixed: water and landswell are not animated in 6th cutscene;
* fixed: white square from car lights are visible on GeForce cards(1th person view);
* fixed: on some occasions a white square is clearly visible around the moon;
* fixed: savegame icon does not contain horizon and fog when saved in plane;
* fixed: slight screen borders darkening on GeForce cards with Bloom effect on;
* fixed: fog from car lights casts shadow;
* fixed: portals on airport and city;
* fixed: sports car's wheel are not clipping by the ground
* fixed: grenades get stuck in the doorways and windows;
* fixed: NPC standing in chairs;
* fixed: missions "The Intimate drama - 1 and 2";
* fixed: a metal clanking sound plays, if the user's character stabs the curtains;
* fixed: user character stands in the air inside don pedro's island house;
* fixed: passer-by's in Pueblo Faro walk in air near the bar;
* fixed: the dead body lies in incorrect positions;
* fixed: money obtained from the bus drive missions is not consistent;
* fixed: if the music settings is set to min (any %), and the user rests in game, then suddenly the music blasts to 100%;
* fixed: characters speach is too quiet;
* fixed: wrong message when paying for a vodka shot at the Puerto Sombra bar;
* fixed: change a tire icon does not update correctly;
* fixed: no driver in the taxi in pueblo-faro;
* fixed: PSS is not available in the Trade Menu;
* fixed: jaguar floats across screen at treetop level;
* fixed: character fails to stop running if objectives window is open;
* fixed: hint appears if the user is on the other side of wall;
* fixed: soldiers do not hold Shotguns properly;
* fixed: the two Policemen appear to stare at the ground;
* fixed: npc die on contact with grenades, and not from the actual explosion;
* fixed: prison A.I. gets stuck in doorways;
* fixed: remove voice "A-a-a" when passer-by's are running away from player.
* fixed: problem with invisible NPC

not bad at all .. maybe after patch v2.0 i can get back to the game.

07-08-05, 08:32 PM
Wow... thats a big patch. I havent played this game myself... I wonder if they will release a demo for the updated version.

07-08-05, 09:48 PM
Wow... thats a big patch. I havent played this game myself... I wonder if they will release a demo for the updated version.

I dont think a demo will be possible as the game loads the whole map at the start of the game. its an open-ended game just like Morrowind.

07-08-05, 11:13 PM
Hmm, that's a lot. I hope it doesn't take long.

07-09-05, 05:42 AM
wow people actually play this game ? back to the coding i would say thoose patches will never save this POS.