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07-08-05, 08:29 PM
well i love using security software i.e sniffers scanners and the such ... but i was wondering what software you guys have come across that you think is usefull to secure network enviroments...

i use the following

Knoppix STD (http://www.Knoppix-STD.org)
this distro of linux has many tools for password recovery,pentesting, firewalling, honeypot ..man this is just the swiss army knife of security assesment :D

solarwinds engineering edition. (http://www.solarwinds.net/Tools/) this tool set is good for auditing a network

etherreal (http://www.ethereal.com/) sniffing packets

nmap (http://www.insecure.org/nmap/) great scanner

cane and able (http://www.oxid.it/) this to me has to be by far one of the best password recovery tool ive come across

so what tools do you guys find to be usefull for network security.
also what experiances have any of you guys had with enterprise or even corperate firewall
ive used mostly cisco like pix and ios ids's but i would like to hear what you guys req on this front

07-08-05, 08:31 PM
oh ya i forgot

http://www.snort.org/ this is a great ids system ...