View Full Version : Recording temps to a file + When should I add more cooling?

Athon Solo
07-09-05, 04:50 AM
Hi all,

I've just installed a lovely and quiet AC NV5 Rev2 on my Gainward GF6800 GT (damn near silent compared to the stock cooler - my keyboard and hard disk are now the noisiest items on my PC :D ), and obviously I'm montioring temperatures to make sure that my system isn't overheating.

1) Does anyone know of a utility that can record temperatures (pref. both ambient and core) to a file (CSV perhaps) so that I can monitor what the temperatures get up to while I'm in the middle of a game? Pref. Windows based, but a linux utility would do the job too.

2) At what temperatures should I start thinking about adding more cooling? I'm currently running glxgears (linux utility that displays a window with an opengl animation running) taking up about 1/2 to 3/4 screen estate and my core temp gets up to about 78 deg C, which seems fine to me, but I'd like to get the opinion of someone who's perhaps mroe experianced in the field.

Thanks in advance

Athon Solo

07-09-05, 10:26 AM
On Windows, I use SpeedFan, and it can log values to a csv file. Not sure about Linux.

For temps, idle should be 40 (good) - 55 (avg) while loaded temps should be 60 (good) - 75 (avg). I'd start considering better cooling if it was 55-60 idle and >75-80 load.

In your case, I'd say ~78 would be your call. I got an AC5 heatsinks/fan on my 6800GT.