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07-09-05, 05:51 PM
Hi , i have been using my PNY 6800 GT for almost a year and it's been working quiet good. I havent really gotten into the gaming much so i didnt overclock at all.
I've installed 10 months ago waterblock to keep my PC quiet and it kept core at or uder 50C at all times.

BUT , two days ago when i turned on my PC , at log on my PC froze. I restarted but it kept either freezing or screen going black. Thinking something went wrong with my Windows XP Pro , i re-installed clean OS and it went all good until it came time to instal nvidia drivers. End result after 40 hours of pulling my hair is , computer runs flawlessy , until i try to instal driver for 6800gt. Mem test ran for 10 hours , no problem , Prime95 2 instances ran for 8 hours no problem ( i'm NOT overclocking my CPU ) , my PSU is 520Watt Enermax and it's keeping volatage very stable.

What gives ? Computer/6800gt works great , but whenever i instal drivers for 6800gt, PC will boot , Windows logo displays , and then it either goes black or reboots before showing me log in screen. If i load up safe mode , remove drivers , and then boot again , computer works ok again. Is my 6800gt dead ?


07-10-05, 05:33 AM
I tried BFG's BIOS and it works like a charm. I'd stay away from PNY BIOS, I've tried three revisions and all of them gave me one problem or another.

Get the BFG BIOS here --> www.mvktech.net

07-10-05, 10:17 AM
humm , i somehow dont think that's it..... why would bios stop working all of the sudden .... but i can always try it.

Can i go back to PNY's bios that i have currently once i try BFG's ?

07-10-05, 10:21 AM
Yes, you can flash and re-flash and flash again until you fry the CMOS :D