View Full Version : Max Frames To Render Ahead - Final Verdict?

07-10-05, 12:32 PM

So the big question (atleast for me) still stands - what value should I set for this option? (Which can be found in "Additional Direct3D Settings" when applying Coolbits)

Over Tweakguides, the author said it should be 2 minimum, synced with the OpenGL, also he says that lower the value the higher the performance. But a lot of people here said the putting this to "0" can add to stabillity, especially for those who suffer from the infamous freeze issue on AGP 6800.

Advices are welcome.

Thanks in advance.


07-10-05, 01:23 PM
I leave it at default setting of "3"

07-10-05, 09:47 PM
hasn't made one squat of difference for me at any setting i've tried it at.

07-10-05, 10:29 PM
Over Tweakguides...

Much respect to Koroush Ghazi and his overall exellent site but he should put a big disclaimer on his "Nvidia Forceware Tweakguide" that says most of the info in the Coolbits section of "Advanced Tweaking" is outdated. Most of the Direct3D tweaks and all of the OpenGL tweaks he writes about are no longer available with the newest Forceware. I wasted alot of time trying to get the Control Panel to show those extra settings.

As far as Max Frames, I leave it at default because I've found lowering it has no effect on performance of any kind.

07-11-05, 01:20 AM
Raising it just makes the game lag. This is the number of frames that can be rendered by the CPU before processing by the video card. It does not allocate buffers in video memory (ie. triple, quad buffering).

You get a tiny improvement at 2 or so (over 0 or 1) but any higher and it just creates lag.