View Full Version : SLI desyncronization ? (7800)

07-10-05, 02:51 PM
Sometimes at boot, i loose the second GPU which goes idle even in SLI load balanced modes or heavy GFX workload (doom3 1600 ULTRA 4XAA MSTAA 16xAF)

for exemple Far cry SFR line drop to the bottom of the screen, or benchmarks scores are lower

in these cases it is impossible to overclock even 1 Mhz above default speeds or to auto detect speeds

1 way to overcome this is to overclock at boot (before any game launch, it still is possible)
sounds like frequency desynchronization to me, but i don't realy know

did someone heard about anything similar? is there a cure for it? I searched a lot but couldn't find such things anywhere

edit: i tried flashing or no coolbits but none is working better

07-11-05, 03:08 PM
sounds like a coolbit issue, drivers trying to set frequencies on both cards and perhaps can't do it on one of the cards...

07-12-05, 03:44 PM
found the issue:
i was using atheros drivers for DWL-G520 wifi, and it was making a lot of stuttering in 3dmark (do they use internet connection whilst benching?)

it resolved far cry too...i just don't see the link

edit: arf...even d-link drivers don't cure...only disabling works