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07-10-05, 03:42 PM
I have a weird issuse were when I right click on a file on the non-system partitions (45gb system partition, 15gb partition on system disk & seperate raid array) the screen will flicker and and come back but it is really annoying having this flicker. I undid the soft mod to the 16pX6vp back to 12px5vp along with un-overclocking the cpu to see if these were causing the issuse although they did not solve the issue. I also checked the IRQs and the the video is by itself. The current version of driver that I am using is 61.72B and was the one that came on the install disk from XFX. I have limited knowledge about the individual drivers so any help on how to solve this would be appreciated. Thanks.
P.S. the computer does not freeze it just flickers and comes right back. and the OS is XP sp2

07-06-06, 09:26 PM
Hi, I have this same problem with flicker whenever I right click, It's so annoying but I kind of got used to it a lil after a year of it, still wish it would magically go away though, but I doubt Nvidia is gonna bother to ever fix it, they are making the new 7900 now, so I'm sure they could give a poot less about all of us 6800 users unfortunatley!!


07-06-06, 09:36 PM
I just noticed this too, started happening today. But it only flickers when i right click on wmv/avi and mpg files.
I wonder if my monitor has anything to do with it, i just got it couple days ago. I'll switch back to my old one and see if it still happens, never had this problem before at all.

07-07-06, 05:35 PM
Well i just tried it on my old monitor(dell p1110) and it doesnt flicker when i right click, but on my new sony fw900 it does flicker. So it doesnt seem like its videocard related but monitor related.

08-29-06, 01:38 AM
Ooh monitor related? So my flatpanel LCD monitor is not so good eh?
Anyone figure a way to fix this yet, or is the only way buying a new monitor?
Also how would someone buying a new monitor know if the new one will flicker like this or not without trying it? Anyone have any solutions? PLEASE???

08-29-06, 01:45 AM
Well i just tried it on my old monitor(dell p1110) and it doesnt flicker when i right click, but on my new sony fw900 it does flicker. So it doesnt seem like its videocard related but monitor related.It is a videocard driver problem. This problem is known and there is a fix but i don't remember it.

Edit: Hi, this solved the problem for me (taken from another forum):

The cause for this lies in nvcpl.dll - a nvidia dll, which scans for connected TVs.

The first time the dll is loaded, is at windows-bootup (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Microsoft->Windows-& gt;CurrentVersion->Run).
This causes the first flicker and unfortunately the auto-startup-entry can't be deleted.

The flicker when right-clicking on video-files is caused by a shell-extension, which the nvidia-driver installs for all types of video-files. This shell-extension calls nvcpl.dll everytime you right click a video file to scan for connected TVs. If a TV is present, the shell extension shows up in the context-menu as "Play on My TV". I never tested this, but I suppose when you click it, the video is directly shown on your connected TV.

This could have been implemented a lot better, this f...ing sync-flicker is driving you crazy when browsing a video archive.

After scanning the registry, I found the key responsible for the shell extension. Just search for "PlayOnMyTV" in the registry and you will find some entries under "shellex" (shell extension). These entries contain an identifier, {FFB699E0-306A-11d3-8BD1-00104B6F7516} in my case, I'm not sure if this identifier is static or created dynamically, so in your registry, it might be another number. Now copy the identifier and search for it in the registry; delete every occurence when it's connected to video-file formats (.avi, .mpg, .mpeg and so on) and afterwards the "PlayOnMyTV"-shellextensions.

That's it, now the flicker when right-clicking on video files should be gone (at least it worked for me ). I hope nvidia fixes this annoying issue asap, not every user wants this (unnecessary) extension and it causes very annoying problems.

Edit: The identifier {FFB699E0-306A-11d3-8BD1-00104B6F7516} is static.