View Full Version : HighPoint or Promise RAID card?

12-18-02, 04:17 PM
In my never-ending quest to find a suitable upgrade for my computer, I've been unable to find a motherboard (AMD or Intel) that has the features I'm looking for.

As such, I figure I'm going to need a separate PCI RAID controller card. HighPoint and Promise and the two biggest names and I'd like to know which you think might be better. I need a card that's reliable and is not sensitive to overclocking.

I'm thinking Promise, but those cards are slightly more expensive. But if you think the extra money is worth it, let me know.

12-19-02, 08:33 AM
I originally had many problems (inlcuding lack of speed) when i was using the Onboard Highpoint HTP370A with my old Epox-8k7a+ board. Since then im now using the Promise TX2 Raid PCI card and very pleased with every aspect.

Im sure Highpoint have come along way since the HTP370 Hardware and Drivers wise... but Promise i think are the leaders in that field.

12-20-02, 12:10 AM
Promise all the way, I've used their Ultra ATA controllers and I'm currently running a raid cfg using their onboard chip on my mb and have had nothing but excellent results.