View Full Version : Recomended Affordable PSU for 6800GT?

07-11-05, 09:10 AM
Hi People,
It turns out I need a new PSU to run my 6800GT in all it's glory.
I understand that the recomended voltage for this card should be abou 28amo on the +12v rail.

In addition I have a 2500+ XP processor and a couple of hard drives and a DVD writer. Ideally I would liek to be able to OC the card as well.

Please recomend me a good PSU, sold in the UK (ideally no more than 50).

I have seen various models, like the Tagan TG480-U22 480W ATX2.01 2Force SLi Ready PSU - that have two +12V rails - one @ 18amp and one @ 16amp - can I combine them? Cause it appears as if either one can't provide the full 28amp the card needs?

Please advise,

07-11-05, 10:01 AM
Splitting the 12volt rail into 2 different rails is the way modern PSU's are made. It is nothing to be afraid of. Nvidia recommends having up to 28 amps on the 12 volt to compensate for the fact that athlon 64s and pentium 4s primarily use the 12volt rail. The graphics card alone does not use nearly that much power. In your case your cpu does NOT draw most of its power from the the 12volt rail so this is even less of an issue for you.

As far as recommended PSUs: I would recomend a seasonic s12 series, an antec true power 2 series, or an enermax noisetaker series psu. These aren't the cheapest out there, but they are well known for being high quality products.


07-11-05, 10:11 AM
I think the recommended value is 18A on the 12V, not 28, AFAIK. That PSU you provided is more than enough, I have the single rail PSU with 28A, it's a fine piece of equipment.