View Full Version : Good deal: 160GB SATA Seagate, fast and quiet, $60 after rebate.

07-11-05, 09:24 PM
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Capacity: 160GB
Seek Time: 8.5ms
8MB Buffer
Native Command Queuing
5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Also, having owned one of these drives myself, I can tell you that they are both pretty damn fast and pretty damn quiet, though I have heard some people report otherwise. Their noise rating is 25db.

Odds are that its $10 cheaper at the B&M Fry's electronics as well (this is what I usually find on hard drive deals at outpost anyways.)

link here (http://shop3.outpost.com/%7BQtMmy2kJFiXVPvqyvPg2tJPGruK59kakU1CnLLMaSfF4mzJ zGBOz|860510621330878067/184095269/6/7001/7001/7002/7002/7001/-1|-3262339388475592813/184095271/6/7001/7001/7002/7002/7001/-1|1121134283039%7D/product/4303155).

I have always gotten my rebates back from them, but ymmv. Deal expires tommorow.

07-11-05, 09:32 PM
I have one of these. Fantastic drive.