View Full Version : FS: amd fx-55 for sale / msi neo2 platinum (nf3 ultra)

07-11-05, 09:45 PM
Selling my fx-55 for a x2 4200.

This is the retail package as seen here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819103496


Bought it just after christmas so its around 5 months old.

I dont run it overclocked but some simple testing got me to 2.73ghz on stock cooling - i didnt feel like further increasing the core voltage from just past stock voltage.

SOLD (mb)
Also selling my mb - MSI neo2 platinum (nforce 3 ultra)
Great features and a superb ocer. I got the fsb to a max of 250mhz.
65$ (includes everything retail)
SOLD (mb)
I just have 2 feedback via ebay (ive only sold one thing) - my ebay account is torrent77 if anyone cares.

Also... i may be getting a bfg 6800 GT (AGP 8x) that is new and i'll sell that when i get it and I'll sell that for 335$ if anyone is interested (ill know in a week, this is a little pre-mature)

paypal is good

these are the prices without shipping. if your interested we can negotiate the prices

ill also take 20$ off the final price if you buy both the mb and proc or mb/video and 40$ off if you buy all 3 :p

07-13-05, 12:39 PM
bump - slight price drop on proc
mb also dropped from 90 to 65$

07-13-05, 02:17 PM
bump for a guy that used to have the identical system to me.
seriously, your fx-55 is worth a lot more than an x2 4200+ so $650 is a kick ass price, I personally am holding off until the duallies hit 3.0ghz. Good luck.

07-15-05, 02:15 PM
mb sold

07-17-05, 08:16 PM

07-23-05, 02:11 AM
price reduction on processor - 625$

07-23-05, 06:11 AM
You accept biweekly payments? LOL

Man, I wish I wasn't saving for a new car. :(

07-24-05, 06:53 PM
Had I known before...

I just got a neo2 for 80 bucks on ebay...

nice price for the mobo.