View Full Version : What exactly does PFC do, and is it worth it? (PSUs)

07-12-05, 03:33 AM
Just wondering exactly what active Power Flow Control does, and is it worth paying a few extra dollars for in buying a new Power Supply.


07-12-05, 05:52 AM
Active PFC is a good thing to have as it helps to compensate for small fluctuations in power delivery. It won't protect you from big surges, but for small ones due to sometimes unclean power, it will come in handy.

07-12-05, 06:07 AM
can you guys point to some product examples ...

07-12-05, 06:11 AM
Here's one (owned this PSU myself and it was rock solid in spite of only 22A on the +12) - Link (http://www.thermaltake.com/purepower/W0023.htm)

Some good info on the specifics of active PFC - Link (http://www.seasonic.com/support/a01.jsp)