View Full Version : Pagefile: put it on my 2nd HD?

07-12-05, 01:06 PM
Current HD's:

primary: 250GB Maxtor DiamondMax 10 16mb cache / 7200rpm
secondary: 80 GB Western Digital 2mb cache / 7200rpm

my current pagefile is on my primary drive, but i have read instances of better performance when its put on the 2nd drive. the issue i have is that my 2nd drive has only 2mb cache... anybody have some insight on what i should do?


07-12-05, 01:12 PM
I use my 2nd drive - but I have 8mb cache on both....

07-12-05, 01:24 PM
I have duel 120's SATA with 8mb cache and run it on my 2nd hard drive. To be honest .. I noticed no difference in doing so... but hey .. whatever :)

07-12-05, 08:42 PM
Put it on whichever drive gets the least amount of use, this will help avoid it being on a drive that fragments alot.

07-12-05, 09:22 PM
The best way to do it is to have a seperate partition on your fastest drive and use that specifically for your swap file. If you dont feel like repartitioning that Maxtor, just put it on that drive. Its faster. You'll have to defrag a little more often, but that drive is probably a lot faster than the other.