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07-13-05, 10:35 AM
ok this is a weird problem i've been having for the past few months. I've been playing quake3 since '99 and don't recall having this problem but somewhere in the past 6 months it started happening, and a windows reformat/reinstall didn't fix the problem.

basically the same issue occurs with both quake3.exe and wolfenstein:et, maybe 1 out of 5 times, when i run the game, the console window flashes up showing all the .pk3's being loaded like normal, then when the game switches resolution and goes fullscreen.. i get a gray screen and my mouse cursor (with the text box mouse cursor). now normally this gray screen is only on for a half a second whereby the game starts and you see an intro movie and sound or whatever. the problem i keep getting is that it stays on this gray screen. the only "fix" that works is when i hit ctrl+alt+del, the window security box shows up with my background (i have welcome screen turned off, so it looks like w2k style) and it "unfreezes" the game and then i hit cancel on this dialog box and everything is back to normal and the game loads.

obviously this is very irritating.. and in addition, at random when playing, the game will freeze up and i have to do the same ctrl+alt+del->cancel to unfreeze it.

now when the game loads normally without this problem.. the game never freezes and i can play for many hours without any issues.

i'm really not sure what the problem is.. i guess it has something to do with some program running in the background or perhaps the 7x.xx drivers.. i dont recall this happening way back when i had the 66's installed. typical applications i have running after windows loads up: aim, ms antispyware, cmedia mixer, mirc.. maybe one or two more (at work now, can't recall)

has anyone else had this issue? i've used aim, mirc, and cmedia mixer for many years without a problem so i doubt thats causing a conflict. i installed the 6800nu back in april, and had a 5800u installed before that and i can't recall if this happened back when i had the 5800u in there..

amd 2500-m @ 11x197
geforce 6800nu [unlocked]
has happened with 71.89 & 77.72

07-13-05, 02:31 PM
From what I can remember it is driver related.

07-13-05, 03:39 PM
do you remember where you read about this?

07-14-05, 01:31 AM
Its not from what I read, its from when I have had that problem in the past. The last time it happened was with the Doom3 leak on my Geforce3, and it was just a matter of changing the driver.

07-14-05, 08:44 AM
Id say disable everything you have in start up first of all... not permanently, just to help diagnose the problem.