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bloody cavum
07-13-05, 07:59 PM
To start, I tend to leave my computer on all day (even while I'm at work) -- and since I built it last christmas, I've had no problems with this. However, this past week, my computer has been just shutting down, usually while running a graphic-intensive program (I can think of three instances in which it crashed shortly after loading a map in the crytek sandbox editor...strangely, though, after turning it back on and repeating, i was able to use the program for hours...). I turned down the clock speeds on my video card (stock speed is something like...249/501, and i typically OC to 400/600 (don't remember because i set it soooo long ago). But for many months it has been running stable under these conditions, usually mantaining a temperature of 55-or-so degrees celsius and occasionally breaching 60 while under a good amount duress from a 3d application -- and i'm told this is the lowest point on the warning scale. However, as i never experienced any unexplainable hitching or, more importantly, graphical artifacts and anamolies, i lt it slide and never invested in better cooling.

So anyway when i came home from work on wednesday, I motioned to 'reawake' my computer by moving the mouse...i switched my monitor on only to be greeted with the dead, orange, "no-connection" Led shining brightly above the power button. The computer was still running --i could see my case fan LEDs, as well as hear the harddrive and GPU fan when i opened the case -- but the monitor had stopped responding. I restarted. Same thing: computer turns on, runs, but monitor offers no response. I test the monitor out on my old dell (sporting a radeon 9100 pci), which worked perfecly prior to my retiring it, and encountered the same issue.

so today, i run out and buy this used sony monitor (it was big and cheap) and go home and plug it in. Same problem. So i test it on my dell...and it works. The monitor looks like CRAP but it works (on the dell). doesn't work on my other, newer computer at all. So I am left asking myself...W...T....F....I tested several video cards (the dell's radeon 9100, and a geforce 5500) in my new PC, and all turned out the same results: computer turns on, runs seemingly fine, but the monitor doesn't ever receive a signal.

This is a quandary for me, as i've never seen something so bizzare before. What stopped working so that the computer willl still run, yet display no image? I'm stumped...Oh, and my specs are:

P4 2.8 LGA 775
512 MB kingston dual channel ram (i want 2 gbs)
80 GB Maxtor SATA HD
gigabyte 8a915p duo mobo
gigabyte geforce 6600 OC

I'm really led to think that there is something wrong with the motherboard, but i am really not sure, and i don't want to waste any more money on fake solutions (I'm going to pull an 'office space' on that monitor i just bought ...i just can't wait to see it shatter in thousands of tiny pieces). but seriously, i need some help desperately. Thanks you very much.

07-14-05, 01:58 PM
Your motherboard MIGHT be bad...running your videocard OC for so long could have shorted something yada yada but it is unlikely...however, there are just few more things that I would try first before buying a new board.

Unhook EVERYTHING from your computer minus a monitor, keyboard, videocard, hard drive, memory, and processor. USB and all...you never know when somethings flakey.

Make sure your videocard is seated well in the AGP port...check more than once. When your swapping cards its easy to overlook something simple. Also check ALL connections inside the case. A half plugged IDE cable or floppy has been known to cause all sorts of problems.

If with this barebone setup you still get nothing, try running only one stick of memory (you said dual channel, so I expect 2 by 256?). Try running each stick in different slots. Make sure they are in there securely.

If this doesn't work, loose the hard drive and see if you can post then.

If none if this works, you may as well find yourself a nice A64 and mobo combo...it wouldn't cost you too much terribly more than a decent p4 board, and you have the assurance that it wasn't your processor in the first place.

Just a thought! =D

Good luck with that problem, I've had similiar ones that turned out to be memory problems, so maybe its somthing simple. Good luck again.