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07-14-05, 06:58 PM
So I want to get a SATA RAID card, because this thing is a PAIN! I'd like it to have NCQ for my new drives as well. I also like the whole PCI RAID card thing because I can jump it to another system when the time comes and not lose my install.

But anyways, here is the problem I am having with the NEO2:

I tried to install Windows SP1 last night on my board (1.8 bios). I've been using the 6.37 drivers I believe and copied my IDE folder to a floppy. Upon installation, it seemed to initially take the driver after hitting F6. Then after the reboot and final installation, it asked for some file in a dir \oemdir ? It pointed to the C: drive I think. I couldn't find it so I hit cancel on the file, it asked for it like 3 times total. Windows flies through installation and I'm thinking sweet, I can see the difference already (from PATA100 RAID0 to SATA RAID0). When it goes to load Windows the first time, it gets to the splash screen (I guess where everybodies system is locking when they try to use the drivers that shipped with the board with the new BIOS) and mine decides to reboot itself after I guess what is a hard lock. I does the same in Safe Mode and I can't even get Safe Mode with command prompt.

I was assuming that the 6.37 would be just as good or better than the 5.10 because of the newer version. I guess not. I still want to get my new drives going properly on this thing and really don't want to backwards flash my board since I like how the temperature is reported more properly. So do I have to use the 5.10, do I have to have a SP2 slipstream install, and did anyone else have it point them to that file?

I got a lot of info off the pcper.com msi forums about using the 5.10 driver and what not. I just know these guys here are much more knowledgable though. :)

07-15-05, 08:56 PM
well, it seems you have the newest release bios, not a beta one. So, I wouldn't worry about changing that very soon. As for the f6 raid portion of your install, are you copying the actual IDE file folder (with the files inside)to the floppy or the contents of the file folder to the root directory of the floppy drive? Because if you have the folder there, f6 won't see anything. It has to be the contents (files) of the ide folder only. As for the drivers (if what I described in the f6 is not a problem) I would try the latest download from MSI for the drivers and if that doesn't work, then use the nvidia 5.10's. Nvidia's are whql certified so that will help if the other drivers don't work. If this does work or not, here are some suggestions for a sata raid controller.

Promise Fasttrak TX2300- Sata II 3gb 2 port (Sata 150 backwards Compatible) Raid Controller- http://www.promise.com/product/product_detail_eng.asp?segment=RAID%200/1%20HBAs&product_id=136

Promise Fasttrak TX4300- Sata II 3gb 4 port (sata 150 backwards compatible) Raid controller-

You'll get the potential faster speeds for if and when you get a serial ata 3gb drive and it has the serial ata 1 there already.

07-16-05, 08:22 AM
Thanks for the help. I managed to get it installed last night. Everdently, you can't use the beta drivers for install. I used the 5.10s and everything worked great. My SANDRA scores went up by about 80% from what they were. :)

07-16-05, 12:52 PM
of course, you don't have a choice like you would in a fully installed version of windows to turn off driver signing or to tell windows you want to use beta drivers in the f6 install.