View Full Version : A8N SLI prob

07-15-05, 06:43 AM
OK here is the problem . I shut down my system , it was working fine . I went out of my home and when I come back and turn on my system , there is no display . I thought it was the memory , but no beeps no voice posting . I try changing the modules here and there ( i-e in A1 / A2 Slot ) and it posts " System Failed Memory test " . I place the modules back to B1/B2 Slot then no posting but again no display . The next step I did was to clean the VGA and place it back but no display . Please can anyone help me , I am having this stupid problem for 2 days and still I can't figure out why .

07-15-05, 05:40 PM
Some obvious stuff:-

Check that your PSU hasn't died. Try using another PSU.

Double-check that your monitor is OK.

Check that all your cables (inc. DVI/Analogue, whatever you use) are firmly in place, and OK (i.e no bent pins etc).

...Try all that, if you still have a problem then go from there.

07-15-05, 11:32 PM
happened to me originally as well. i fixed it by disconnecting the power and resetting the CMOS. also, a bios update (from the first bios) fixed it for me. the bios update also fixed memory errors with PAE and SP2.

07-16-05, 03:50 AM
Well the processor , Ram modules and hard disk is working fine . Also I confirmed that the monitor is working fine , I have 3 monitors , tried all and get problem with all . Now its motherboard and 3D card which are left . I think the 3D card is working fine , since its fan is running and light it on but then again I didnt have another PCI E system to check it so I will confim them too .

And ViN86 , I was running the board on BIOS rev 1006 .