View Full Version : Noise Levels (Fans/Temperature)

07-15-05, 09:36 PM
hello ppl...

after buying my 256mb 6600 and new Antec 400 w power supply my computer is really noisy when im playing BF 2, even right when i turn on BF 2...
Im also going to get another 1 gig stick of OCZ 3200 DDR RAM with a copper heatspreader, though some of u know already, i haven't gotten it yet cuz its been in and out of stock and stuff...will the heatspreader tone some of the heat down, which will make my fans not run at their peak all the time, or will the RAM just make it run harder? what do u suggest doing thats cheap...i know fan silencers are about 4-8 dollars on frozencpu (do they work well?)...i can get something a little more expensive like the $75 GlobalWin Silent Stream water kit for my birthday in november, but not something too expensive cuz my family had to spend a **** load on our husky cuz it has cancer :(

any help is aprreciated, thanks