View Full Version : Dual Channel or Individual?

07-16-05, 01:22 PM
Ok well i have a dual channel of 2x512's...I want to have 2 gigs in my rig instead of 1. What would you recommend? Two individual sticks of 512, or a dual channel? Is there any difference? also, i have 4 slots for RAM, and only 2 are used...would having 2 gigs of RAM exceed the maximum MB for my computer? system specs are below...ill probably be ordering from newegg...

07-17-05, 02:52 PM
Ok, well first off, you have your marketing buzzwords (selfless stab... ignore) mixed up so let me help you clarify.

Dual Channel RAM - This is a way to setup RAM sticks, you can't buy "dual channel" RAM, you can buy dual-channel kits. These are sticks of RAM (such as your 2x512mb DIMMs) that have been tested together to work in Dual-channel, which effectively doubles the useable bandwidth by making the bus from RAM to the Northbridge wider (to 128bits instead of only 64bits as in single channel). So getting two individual sticks of 512 is going to give you another dual channel setup.

What I would do, is if all you want is 2GB of RAM and you have no desire to go higher, I would get a decent dual-channel memory kit from newegg. You can get some pretty good value-based kits by Mushkin, OCZ, Corsair that aren't very expensive - I recommend OCZ, but they're all good. Make sure you get a 2x512 dual-channel kit, install that, and you'll have 4x512 - or 2048MB or RAM (2GB :D).

07-17-05, 03:05 PM
k thanks :D need some clarification, now i understand it. yes i was considering ordering from newegg and buying either OCZ or GeIL. thanks for the help