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07-16-05, 09:16 PM
Hey guys I need some help. I'm planning out my system that I will be buying in the winter and I will need to buy a micro ATX mobo. My problem is that all the mobos that are mATX have 2.5v for ram and it's not adjustable. The ram that I wanna get is OCZ but its rated to run on 2.6v (link (http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16820227210) ). Then there is ram like corsair with higher CAS but its rated to run on 2.5v (link (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820145574) ). Although I noticed that on the corsair website it says that it was tested on 2.75v.

Anyways, basically I don't wanna run the ram on DDR333, I wanna have the full DDR400. Is the mobos limit for 2.5v going to affect that? Should I only buy a mobo that has adjustable voltages for ram?

07-17-05, 03:10 PM
A mobo that has a limit of 2.5v is going to affect the stability of your system at DDR400, yes. You may get a pair of RAM that will work just fine at that rated speed/latency when running with 2.5v, then again you might not. That you have selected a 2GB kit (2x1GB) threw me off for a second, I was going to recommend the rev. 2 kit instead, but it doesn't come in a 2GB configuration. Anyhow, with 1GB DIMMs you run into the problem that they are big and slow. So it's harder to get good timings out of 1GB sticks than it is out of say 256MB or 512MB DIMMs, which means that if you want good timings you have to raise the voltage :-/. What I did find for you though is an NForce4-based Biostar SFF barebones system. It's similiar to the Shuttle SFF PCs, except this one is 939-compatible and should have adjustable voltages and such because it's NF4-based. Here is the link: Biostar 330P NF4-based SFF (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16856115025)

So, you can either go with RAM that has looser timings or you can try to find a board that will allow you to change the voltage. The above SFF should allow you too, but you may want to find a review that can say for sure first

07-18-05, 10:41 AM
Well that's the thing, I don't really want to buy a SFF barebone. They have great mobos since they aren't in standard size and you can't put em in a regular case, but they are a bit overpriced and their PSUs are weak. As far as the timings, the OCZ ram that I want to get is 2-3-2-5, I mean that's not that bad. The SFF I will build will have a 7800, an X2, etc and for games like BF2, I just can't go lower than 2gb, it's just not an option. I don't even mind the timings as much as I want to run DDR400.

Anyways I decided to only get a mobo that will support overclocking features, such as ram voltage. I wanna know though, does having an ATI Radeon XPRESS mobo going to affect my nvidia vid card, if I were to buy an ATI chip mobo? Is nForce4 a lot better than ATI's XPress mobos? I'm only asking because a lot of good matx boards are going with ATI for some reason.

07-18-05, 12:00 PM
I'm only asking because a lot of good matx boards are going with ATI for some reason.

Cause they're inexpensive.

Anyway, to answer your question, I don't have a whole lot of experience with the new ATi boards, but I have had a chance to play around with one. As far as I can tell, there is no reason not get an nForce4-based motherboard if you can. IMHO, they're still a lot better than everything else out there, but the ATi chipsets are pretty good. From what I've seen, the ATi enthusiast boards have a lot going for them as they're set up for watercooled CPU, chipset, and MOSFETs (don't know if the waterblocks come seperate or not) or you can actively/passively cool them with after-market coolers. Overall, the ATi chipsets are a good alternative, but no substitute.

I thought there were some mATX NF4 boards from Chaintech, but I guess I was wrong. If I find anything I'll let you know :).

07-18-05, 12:05 PM
There's a lot of boards that will be coming out using the C51 Nvidia chipsets (matx that is). From what I know it's nothing special except for the 6200 onboard video, which I really don't need at all. As of right now though, there is not 1 good Nforce4 matx mobo.