View Full Version : OK, my PHASE CHANGER is in.

07-17-05, 08:25 PM
**bitchbreaker** and I spent all day setting this damn thing up, and I belive it was worth it. I just started my OC'ing with this unit, and Im at a modest 3.14GHz ON FX55 (clawhammer) @ 100% CPU load the temp is -33c, and @ idle im @ -37c. Im pretty happy with this unit, BITCHBREAKER can build a nice unit. I'll try to upload some pix... I'll start more OC'ing tomorrow, and let you all know what happens....

07-17-05, 08:34 PM
Hmmm I wonder how much PHASE CHANGER cost and where to get it? :)

07-17-05, 08:44 PM
it ran 600 INSTALLED. I got in from BITCHBREAKER on HARDFORUM.com. Quick question to someone, is it normal for the compressor to get hot to the touch? I can put my hand on it for maybe 5 seconds, and then it gets to hot...

07-17-05, 09:02 PM
Yes, a phase change compressor gets extremely hot.

07-17-05, 09:23 PM
Yes, a phase change compressor gets extremely hot.
OH good, I thought something was wrong. THANKS

07-18-05, 02:16 AM
since it is an fx, are you going to up the multipier at all?

I know you spent a lot of money but I have to ask:
are you going to upgrade you cpu to a 90nm core? I had an fx-53(clawhammer) which I sold and got a san diego based 3700 and at stock 2.2Ghz it runs better than my fx-53(clawhammer) at stock 2.4Ghz. but I've since oced it to 2.5Ghz on air my high it 42C with my xp-120. what do you get in PI 32M? I get 29M 32s at 2.5Ghz.

07-18-05, 09:02 AM
Here are some pix of the computer, Let me know what you all think. 1 thing you all dont have to say is: YES I KNOW THAT CASE IS TALL :D

07-18-05, 09:32 AM
Nice! I almost bought a phase change unit off a buddy... almost... he wanted $600.