View Full Version : Geforce 6600GT and EQ2 Stutter problems

07-18-05, 08:23 AM
Well I just bought a new system and installed it on Friday. This system is only going to be used to play EQ2. It has a P4 3.2 processor and 2 gigs ram. I noticed a short time after I ordered all the parts that there is an outstanding stutter issue with the Geforce 6xxxx series and EQ2....:( I have tried all of the latest drivers and others recommended by people along with all of the possible fixes. But none of them have helped so far.

I am running my old system side by side with my new one and the stuttering is very noticeable. The old system has a P4 2.4 1 gig ram and Geforce 5800 XT. I use the 2 PC's to dual box. It breaks my heart to look over and see my old system running the game much smoother than my new one that I spent all my cash on.

Anyone have any suggestions that might help. This is really crazy that this kind of problem exists when Sony and Nvidia are partnered.



07-18-05, 08:57 AM
try going to
Options --> Display --> Water --> Enviroment Cube Map updates

and setting the speed to "Fastest"