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07-18-05, 11:07 AM
First of all PC Power and Cooling has *excellent* customer service. Their Turbo Cool line is good - I had a 510 for a long time and had no issues with it. It was a quality power supply.

But I would stay away from the Silencer series. I have reason to believe they are total garbage. Some months back I got the hairbrained idea that I wanted a silent PC and decided to switch out my unit for a Silencer, since I didn't really need all the power the 510 provided (was overkill). Well the Silencer wasn't really much quieter, but that wasn't the issue.

About two months after I got my original I noticed if I unplugged the power supply and plugged it back in my motherboard power light would just start flashing on and off, and PC would not power up. If I let it sit unplugged for 15-20 minutes it would be OK when I plugged it back in. I tested with another power supply (enermax 350W) and found out that the Silencer was the problem. So I RMA'd it.

The second Silencer 410 was just fine for about a month and a half and then it also started to do the exact same thing. At that point I had enough, replaced it with my Antec, and the problem has not come back since. Today I set up another RMA for the second Silencer and I will be getting rid of it once I get the replacement. That's two of them in a row that started to malfunction within two months - surely a very bad sign.

So I would stay away from the Silencer line. The Turbo Cool is a good power supply, but their regular Silencer lineup is pretty questionable.

07-18-05, 01:28 PM
You can find 'dissappointment' stories on the internet for just about any product from any company. As far as silence goes, its not at all uncommon to see that word frivolously thrown around.
btw, I recommend Seasonic PSUs, they are very quiet (unlike most company's PSUs that have quiet written on them), very efficient, and very well built.

07-18-05, 01:37 PM
My point was I got two in a row that had this problem. To me that indicates people should stay away from it because it seems probable there is a very high rate of defects with this model and some poor QC going on.