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07-18-05, 02:35 PM

I recently bought a 256MB AGP Galaxy 6800GT, It arrived early in the morning and I put it in my pc before I went to work in order to make sure that I wouldn't be disappointed by a broken card when I got home, I didn't have time to install the drivers but it seemed to function normally so I went off the work and spent the day very excited, I got home, installed the drivers, loaded up far cry, cranked up the settings to the max and sat back, it ran brilliantly, and i was overjoyed, but my heart soon sank as a vaguely corrupted bsod showed its hideous face, mumbling something about an infinite loop. I figured this was probably because I had just replaced a radeon 9800 and could be some driver related issue, however, on rebooting my heart sank even further as I was confronted by this...


then this...




Then a blank screen.
after a few resets and reseating the card I managed to get into windows ok, but then it started acting very oddly with everything freezing every few seconds, going blank for a second then returning to normal, I tried that rthdrbl HDR demo and my machine locked up instantly.

I believe that the problem lies with the memory on the card, especially since the very first boot screen is affected surely this can only be an issue with the card, could anything else be a factor in this?, I have a 450w PSU with dual 12v rail @ 14A and 15A, the cable i connected the molex off wasn't shared with any other device and up until now everything has worked flawlessly, I put my old graphics card in and everything works fine again. I am awaiting a replacement but I dont want to receive it only to find the same thing happen because i've got something set up wrong. Any ideas or is it simply a dodgy card pushed over the edge by a few minutes of stress?!

Thank you all very much

07-18-05, 02:43 PM
It's a bad card, definitely. The corruption before the Windows boot tells us enough. I'm sure your replacement will work fine. :D

07-18-05, 02:46 PM
Either the memory or the gpu on the card (or both) have been damaged. It is a lost cause, don't try to fix it.. return it to the store or RMA it.

07-18-05, 02:47 PM
I would just RMA it. Don't mess with BIOS flashing, replacing heatsinks, etc. I think it may have been a borked card that someone returned and they (the store) sold it to you. Either way, you should be covered so just return it.

5150 Joker
07-18-05, 02:50 PM
Yep screwed up card..RMA it.

07-18-05, 02:50 PM
Cool, cheers guys!
nice one