View Full Version : PCI latency tool 2.3, whats best setting?

07-18-05, 04:36 PM
Well im a little unsure about this, so was wondering if anyone on here knew a good setting to start off at, my system should be in my sig. Im looking to get just a little more out of my card, and i havent tried pci latency adjustments yet. So with pci latency tool 2.3 what would i best be setting my 6800 at to start off with? And exactly what do i do to set it with this tool. It does ome with a readme so i can figure it out, just maybe someone here can explain it with the settings i should set.

K i guess i got no sig and cant set one so :
XP 2800+ Barton
A7N8x Deluxe
Evga 6800nu
1gig Crucial PC2700

07-18-05, 08:07 PM
I haven't tried it but I read somewhere 64 is the best.

07-23-05, 08:41 PM
set it to that , noticed less stuttering in eq2 . So i guess its good. thanks.