View Full Version : Geforce FX 5800XT is smashing Geforce FX 6600 GT in Performance in EQ2.....WTH

07-19-05, 05:51 AM
Well I have my new system up and running (P4 3.2 ghz, 2 gig 3200 DDR and Geforce FX 6600 GT). I bought this system to only play EQ2 so I can dual box with my old system. The old system has a P4 1.6@2.4 ghz, 1 gig ram and Geforce FX 5800 XT. At first when I started playing EQ2 on the new system I thought I was experiencing the "stutter" problem that everyone was talking about. But after installing FRAPS I have found out that the problem is just bad performance from the new system.

I am running both of the PC's side by side so it is very easy to tell and compare. With both of the games set to Balanced settings just outside the gates in Freeport the new system with the Geforce FX 6600GT is only getting about 12-15 fps whereas my old system is getting anywhere between 19 - 25 FPS. This crazy that my 3 year old system is destoying my new PC that I spent so much money on. Is it the 6600 GT that is causing me the problem? Would I be better off returning the card and getting a Radeon X800 XL?

The problem only seems to be with EQ2 as well. I ran 3D Marks 2005 and with the new system scored 3500 marks and with the old system scored 850....so everything seems to be fine in that regards.

What do you guys think I should do?


07-19-05, 03:01 PM
Sounds like an issue with either AGP Aperture or some other game setting. Try putting all the settings on both computers on the minimal setting and see what happens, if your new machine is still slower than your old one then it's probably something else that's not related to the videocard since the low setting basically reduces the load on the GPU to nothing. Also make sure your AGP aperture (if you're using an AGP system) is set to at least 128 megs, or maybe even 256meg if your board supports it.

07-19-05, 05:49 PM
First of all, there is no such thing as a GeForce FX 6600 GT or a GeForce FX 5800 XT. I assume you mean a GeForce 6600 GT and a GeForce FX 5800 Ultra. Or, yo may be referring to a GeForce FX 5900 XT. Either way, the 6600 GT should destroy it. Check to make sure all of your drivers are O.K. and you also need to install all chipset drivers for your mobo.

07-19-05, 07:49 PM
install your chipset drivers on the new system

07-19-05, 07:54 PM
Got the problem figured out....the heatsink was not correctly installed and was running at a temp of 90 degrees celcius under load....hopefully I didnt damage anything.

Everything is running fine and it does smash my old system.

Thanks for all the feedback.