View Full Version : Help~ Leadteck PX6800LE PCI-E

07-19-05, 05:52 AM
Leadtek PX6800LE PCI-E (not AGP version)
can someone tell me whether this card is moddable to 12p 5v?? (just like Leadtek PX6800 TDH)

P.S. this card default at 8p 4v.

Thanks very much!

07-19-05, 01:08 PM
maybe, you will have to check rivatuner. if its nv41, then it wont. if its nv40 + HSI. then it can, but depends on your luck.
P.S: theres no way to find out wheather its nv40 or nv41 unless you have it running in your system. rivatuner detects whether its nv40 or 41.
nv40: original 6800 AGP series (LE, non-ultra, GT, Ultra)
nv41: re-fabricated nv40. is native PCI-Express 6800 series. (only LE, and non-Ultra).

i hope you understand from the above.