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12-19-02, 09:21 PM
Has anyone else seen the system REQUIREMENTS for the demo.
2.53ghz, 512mb ram? arent they too high?



Windows XP
Pentium 4 2.53GHz processor or AMD equivalent
200 MB virtual memory
GeForce4 Ti 4600 video card
Sound Blaster Audigy sound card
Microsoft DirectX 8.1

12-20-02, 10:28 AM
Yes, I was quite disappointed, especially after my glee that the Splinter Cell demo actually ran on my ancient box. A 64 MB video card? Ack! I really need to upgrade...


12-20-02, 12:38 PM
I don't see anything in the screenshots that justifies such high specs.

12-20-02, 01:17 PM
Yes, I saw those specs last night and I somehow think that they are just boasting really...

12-20-02, 04:19 PM
Runs about 30-60 fps with 2x AA and 16x aniso at 1024x768. There is nothing special about the graphics at all.

12-20-02, 10:40 PM
Originally posted by nin_fragile14
There is nothing special about the graphics at all.

Yeah but you guys are failing to mention the content. This is one of the coolest games ever!

It has the slo-mo from payne, the powers of blade, a hot chick, bladed weapons (and guns), oh yeah and dimemberment. All that and it looks at least up to date with current games, graphically.

One thing is sad though, it won't be comming out 'till march. And hopefully by then we will all have better looking games (ala DX9) :D

12-22-02, 08:41 AM
Um seriously maybe they are just being honest. Think about it. When the DOOM 3 comes out Carmak could easily put the highest end of every peice of hardware as his recommended setup. While this game is surely NOT Doom 3 every jungle bunny and his brother wants to run every game at 1600X1200 and have 4AA full anso etc etc etc.

What I am trying to say is when it comes to pc games if you want all the eye candy 90% of the time it take the latest hardware to get it without a performance hit.

12-22-02, 11:30 AM
Nice concept of a game, controls felt too "twitchy" tho, I couldn't accurately control her, felt odd, and I never saw any slo-mo, do you have to hit some button?

12-23-02, 06:39 AM
press 4 for a bullet time like effect :cool:

12-23-02, 01:52 PM
i suppose 512 RAM is resonable, because although a little steep compared to most game recommendations, RAM is considerably cheap

but 2.53ghz... that's ridiculous! few people have above 2ghz these days, or even 1.5ghz


12-24-02, 03:22 PM
Game is very cool and fun to play arcade style kill em all and suck blood :D

And system spec are high brcouse when you turn all quality to the best especialy Dynamic complex shadowing performance cuts in half :eek:

12-27-02, 03:47 AM
geez i dunno wat fps im gettign but with everythin on high its going heaps fast, i means so fast i have to turn up the reso to slow it down lol j/k its a good game and no way is the recommended specs for real?!

12-28-02, 08:41 AM
I just finished playing the demo on AthlonXP 2100, Geforce3, 512mb. On Max detail settings and 800x600x32. The game was mostly smooth with the occasional pause due to textures/sounds loading (or something), but on a couple of occasions when there were >20 dead bodies in one corridoor, the frame rate dropped significantly until I left the area. A very dull demo to me. Bumpmapping was hardly impressive, but that could be due to low res textures for demo? I also forgot to use the vision modes during combat, though i did try them while mucking around.

12-29-02, 07:48 PM
Originally posted by madthumbs
Static pictures cannot fully represent the splendid beauty of this game... the I3!+cI-I35 boobies jiggle!

Oh well, that makes all the difference... *starts downloading the demo* :)

12-29-02, 08:02 PM
Originally posted by madthumbs
Static pictures cannot fully represent the splendid beauty of this game... the I3!+cI-I35 boobies jiggle!

couldnt you have just said "her" ... its much easier than having to squint to read your l337 typing skills

12-29-02, 09:37 PM
I think he just spilt pop over his keyboard.