View Full Version : Viewsonic monitor... random shutdowns

07-20-05, 10:04 PM
I've been having this problem lately, usually when im away from my pc my monitor turns off "sleep mode", when I get back my monitor wont turn on. This also happens at random times where I just surf the web and talk and my monitor would just "crash" then I have to restart manually. How can I fix this??

- I have the viewsonic Ultrabrite E90f+
- eVGA 6800 GT pci-x

07-22-05, 03:23 AM
I had this problem with SLI a while back with my viewsonic p90f. what drivers are you using? and which spend mode (S1 or S3) are you running in the bios? try checking dfis web site for a bios upgrade. it was a known issue with a8n-sli deluxe and they had a bios update which didn't work. what stopped it in the end for me was not using SLI lol. I sold the second video card for much needed cash. and I havent had the problem since. Then I upgrade my monitor to a Dell 2405fpw.

I was using 6800 GTOs at the time

here's what I would do: make sure your running the latest nforce4 drivers and video card drivers, and update the motherboard bios to the latest. if you still having the problem switch to the S1 only spend mode in the bios. if your still have the problem after all this disable the windows power option for the monitor all together and just manually turn off the monitor.