View Full Version : 6800gt driver problem

07-21-05, 09:23 AM
i just built new rig

xp3000 Barton 400FBS
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe
1 gig Corsair value in dual channel
XFX 6800GT

every thing runs fine with stock vid driver 66.2.3 or something like that.

i tried running BF2 and everything looks good except a block of shadows follows every moving thing ( my friend has same card and it did the same for him ). He updated drivers and everthing works great now. We updated drivers for mine and now everything is pixaled, tried all kinds of drivers, nothing works except the original that came with card. We used a driver removal program (im not sure what program he has), but nothing worked. We tried the 77.30 that came with game but problem still exist.PLEASE help, ive just spent $900 to build this rig and now this. I know i could turn shadows off but this card should work fine, it works great for my friend ( with shadows on )

07-21-05, 11:54 PM
Have you tried DriverCleaner? That is the best one to use if you are having problems and msot people here use it everytime they change drivers.

07-22-05, 12:12 AM
Have you got the latest motherboard drivers installed ?(ver 5.10)

07-22-05, 07:42 AM
my friend put his card in my pc and everything works great,put mine back in and it failed. its wierd that my card runs on the 6 series drivers but not the seven series. i read that the seven series may access diff. areas of the memory and maybe its conflicting with bad segments. his card also ran 16 degrees cooler than mine! its disappointing to see people having to ship there new cards back becuase of problems with nvidia cards. forums everywhere all filled with bad cards being purchased. nvidia and its 2nd party vendors need better quality control.i have rma this unit, and if my next 6800gt comes in bad, well i guess ATI will get my money.

07-22-05, 08:00 AM
Bit of a bummer that :thumbdwn: , a least you found the problem :)
better luck with the next card.