View Full Version : Advice on best SLI mobo replacmenet

07-21-05, 10:49 PM
I'm having some issues with my DFI SLI-D mobo for sometime & i'm thinking of replacing it if the local store allowed me to do so.
the issues splits into 2 parts : some with the mobo itself like not posting sometimes , checksum errors .. & other related to RAM compatabitlity.

so .. if i had to go for other brand SLI board , what do you advice me to get ?

07-21-05, 11:04 PM
Very happy with my ASUS A8N SLI Premium. I have seen none of the problems that I read about plaguing the previous ASUS SLI Deluxe boards.

The main bonus is the ability to change from SLI to non-SLI in software, without opening the case (not that my case has spent much time closed..). The second bonus is the geek factor of a passive heatpipe on the chipset. These are the buying factors for me.

Don't know about OC yet, but my A7N8X-___ boards were always good to me in that regard.