View Full Version : SATA Raid Performance

07-22-05, 01:41 AM
I built my system in March, and have always been disappointed in the performance that I have gotten from it. Strangely, my IDE drive is faster than my SATAs, whether in raid or used separately. In fact, raid 0 was so slow that I did away with it. Due to other issues, this system is now down and I'm using my laptop to post. I'm taking advantage of the situation to reexamine the initial setup, which I did in some haste...it needed cleaning anyway. :)

I found that I had not positioned the jumper on the IDE drive at all, so this got me thinking about this on the SATAs. But, after visiting the Maxtor website, I learned that the SATAs required no jumpers (wonder why they still have them?). The only thing that I can think of that might be wrong would be in the BIOS settings, but I have no idea what could have been missed which could have this effect.

I realize that this would improve when I install a 64bit version of Windows, but I don't believe that this is the problem at hand. Could someone please shed some light on this?