View Full Version : Will GF 6600 GT handle all three displays - 1 from mb & 2 more from gf6600gt

07-22-05, 04:09 AM
Will GF 6600 GT handle all three displays - 1 from mb & 2 more from gf6600gt

Hi all,

I install my GT6600GT an am very happy with it so far.

Today I installed on anohter computer with PCI slots only witha a ATI Radeon 9250.
And as I was booting the Display Properties actually showed 3 monitors on it.
The two displays for the Radeon video card were listed
And the original motherboard display was listed as well.
All three were working since I kept unplugging the monitor plug into each to find the windows xp task bar.

I don't recall this happening with the GF6600GT.
I wanted to play games with three monitors.
One in front and one on the left and one of the right.
Does anyone know if the GF6600GT will handle all three monitors like the Radeon?

Or perhaps I'm missing how to set it up with three monitors?

What key words for this topic do I use to search the internet?

Mr. Nice
07-22-05, 04:24 AM
The trick is, that the Readeon was PCI. As you may know, only one AGP device can be supported at a time (hence why SLI needs PCI-E). On AGP motherboards with build in graphics, the build in graphics is invariably AGP. Hence putting a card into the physical AGP slot shuts down the onboard graphics. For the Radeon on a mobo without an AGP slot, the onboard graphics would probably have been PCI, although that makes no difference, two PCI graphics cards work together fine, as does a PCI card and an AGP card. Note I made an assumption here that you are talking about an AGP 6600GT, I don't have a PCI-E mobo so haven't looked into how these issues play out with build in graphics, but the issues may well be similar.
As for playing games with 3 monitors, even if all 3 monitors were active, don't forget that each monitor is driven by the card it is attached to, and as we all know build in graphics are a non-option for serious gaming, hence the whole point is moot.

07-22-05, 05:04 AM
Excellent, Mr Nice,

That saved me a few hours of wondering the internet.