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07-22-05, 11:06 AM
I'll be posting pics later, I'm at work now and I only have been able to spend about 2 hours with these puppies last night.


The first thing I wondered is "why are they called triport?" and that answer was quickly found just reading the manual. Apparently, these headphones use three separate drivers for the low, middle, and high ranges.

One thing the manual says abundantly is NOT to enable any kind of bass boost. THEY ARE NOT KIDDING, DO NOT TURN UP THE BASS AT ALL, JUST DON'T DO IT or else you WILL regret it!

The price for these bitches is about $150, and I was asking myself....hmmm....is it really worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

When I loaded up some Santana in my ipod it just sounded like pure heaven. Imagine going to someone's house, where they have a 900W sub, and 7.1 surround satellites at around 80W each, or going to a theatre with killer sound, this is how the music plays to your ears with these headphones. For crying out loud, they have tweeters build into the damn headset.

For another test, while carpooling I went ahead to test the noise cancellation of these headphones. The drive is typically about 20 minutes at 65mph and noticeable wind-noise. These headphones shine awesomely in noise cancellation.

The surround-quality is good on these too. However, positional stuff I don't feel as much, perhaps due to the extra bass, or having the extra drivers?

There is one other problem, they feel flimsy. They seem to hold up ok, but the "feel" is that they aren't very sturdy. If I were to drop them, I'd have a cow, **** kittens, etc etc.

Ergonomically, these are the best headphones I've ever used. I can't wait to listen on them later on :D

07-24-05, 07:53 AM
They are called tri-ports because they have three small ports in each of the ear cups and this allows them to have incredable bass for a headphone.For that price they should sound incredable.They just have one driver ,it's the ports that make them sound so good.

07-24-05, 02:07 PM
There's no way I would pay $150 for a pair of headphones. That's just ridiculous. Nice review there buddy. :D

07-24-05, 04:08 PM
i must ask: have you (oldskool) listened to any of the higher end Sennheiser headphones (talking about the same price range and above)? If so, how would you compare this BOSE product.

07-25-05, 05:38 AM
I heard BOSE isn't too good in comparison to other high end products.

07-25-05, 06:07 AM

A few years back, the United States Air Force signed Bose onto a multi-million-dollar contract to design noise cancellation headsets for Air Force flight crews. Bose won the contract over two other companies simply because of their "more established name" (brand recognition). The concept of a noise cancellation headset is to actively monitor the noise frequencies emitted from a jet engine and the turbulent wind, and reproduce the exact signal 180 degrees out of phase, thus theoretically canceling it out completely. Many reputable manufacturers have successful done so as well. Bose produced a model that cost approximately $1000 per unit, which failed to cancel out a significant amount of noise. The company used the contract as an opportunity to unload obsolete parts from years back. Bose pawned off thousands of outdated interface connectors for which there were no longer commercially available mating jacks, and incorporated them into the headsets. The Air Force, proud as it was, didn't scrap the project, but instead spent countless millions more replacing the consoles in a number of aircraft to make them compatible with the said headsets. In the end though, the Air Force did terminate the contract when test crews found that the headsets were ineffective and non-durable. This whole mess was created over a brand name's alleged reputation and prestige. Bose is now selling a downgraded version of these headsets to commercial airlines and to the consumer public. They now work to a minor degree, but are not surprisingly still easily outperformed by their competitors. These consumer market headsets are also very, very poorly crafted. I browse many online audio forums and have heard stories about these very expensive headsets falling apart prematurely.

Bose :thumbdwn:

07-25-05, 09:04 AM
I owned a pair of Tri-Ports and they did sound good but the build quality sucks! :thumbdwn: The headphones are made out of cheap plastic and break very easily. If you treat them with extra special care they should last a while but for $150 Bose could have used higher quality materials.

07-25-05, 10:29 AM
I haven't tried these specific headphones, but ever pair of bose headphones I've tried in the past sound bad. Granted I HATE 99% of headphones.