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12-20-02, 10:13 AM
need help in figuring out how to upgrade my rig. i have $600 to work with. my specs are as follows:

Intel P4 1400MHz
256 MB ecc rdram
64 mb geforce2 ultra
20 gb hard drive
creative sb live! xgamer sound card

Thanks for any help guys!!

12-20-02, 10:24 AM
For what it's worth, here are my suggestions, in order of importance...

1) More memory (256 MB RDRAM < $100)
2) GeForce4 Ti4600 or Radeon 9700/Pro ($200 - $400)
3) A better sound card (TB Santa Cruz or Hercules card) ($30 - $75)
4) A bigger HDD (80 GB < $100)


12-20-02, 10:43 AM
You have many choices..

Im not big on Intel but heres my input..

MSI 850E MAX 140$
P4 2.4 Northwood. 200$
GF4 TI 4??? 150 - 200$
Another Stick of your RDRAM 100$ (total of 512)

Might come out to about 700 with tax..Sorry :D But you can slightly decrease speed on the P4 or GF4 and get you to about 600. You can also get rid of the Mother board that will save you 140$ and keep your own if thats possible..

12-20-02, 01:04 PM
Here is just another list, within around about your budget this is just another view.

Prices taken from newegg.com

AthlonXP2400+ $175
MSI nForce2 $118
GF4Ti4200 128mb $149
512mb Samsung PC2700 $134

As I said that is just another idea, but maybe your best going with 256mb more ram and getting a 9700pro! Your sound card is fine, I have same one and the sound is fine.

12-20-02, 01:53 PM
Smokey's suggestion is very good.....damnit I want that now! :D

12-20-02, 02:21 PM
Smokey's suggestion is probably the best bet for your money. But what I would do is swap out that MSI nForce2 for the EpoX variant. The 8RDA is about $103 without onboard ethernet and (I think) $133 with it. Plus you can take the AthlonXP 2400+ or any other Thoroughbred-B processor and adjust the multiplier in the BIOS without having to physically modify the CPU. :D

12-21-02, 10:14 AM
thanks alot guys, now i know in which direction to go in upgrading

12-24-02, 04:55 AM
Id definitely go with the GF 4 Ti 4200 ($120) and better ram!