View Full Version : Dual Video Cards - not SLI

07-23-05, 01:00 AM
I've searched everywhere I can think of on the web and can not find an answer to my question so I'll try here:

I'm running 3 monitors under W2K. Two out of a XFX 6800GT AGP card and one out of an FX5200 PCI card. (I recently replaced a burnt out 4600ti with the 6800GT) In the past I've used the Nvidia 61.77 drivers. They worked fine and showed all 3 monitors that I could arrange in any order I chose. (the 6800's are using DVI and the 5200 is using the standard VGA connector)

After playing with the new 6800GT I've benchmarked a serious performance hit using the 61.77 drivers. (a 1/3 hit compared to the 77.72 driver) But none of the new drivers seem to support the 2 cards running at the same time. They both show up in the device manager but I can't seem to get the PCI card to "turn on". Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody know if there's another way to get 2 cards to work with the newer drivers. Or what's the most current driver that supports 2 cards. I've been using 3 montiors for a long time now and really don't want to go back to 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.