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07-23-05, 01:26 PM
im considering getting some mushkin redline pc4000 ram, but the memory voltage required is 3.3V. is it possible to hit these memory voltages on teh asus a8n-sli deluxe? ive been looking around for a while (in the book and googling) but havent found anything, so i decided to tap nvnews' knowledge.

has anyone here gone above 3V (which is the highest setting in BIOS) on the a8n-sli deluxe?


07-24-05, 09:48 AM

07-24-05, 09:50 AM
That memory isn't required, its whats recommened to reach the max speed of the ram. You can easily run it at the standard voltage.

07-24-05, 02:47 PM
yes, but will it run at the 2-2-2 timings?

im just wondering if the asus a8n-sli deluxe is capable of reaching 3.3V somehow.... is it?

checked out the ddr booster, but its not compatible

07-24-05, 02:59 PM
Why don't u just check your BIOS for how high your vdimm goes up.... I know mine only goes up to like 2.9 or so but I'd expect it to be much higher on your mobo.

07-24-05, 03:03 PM
I'm pretty sure the ASUS A8N SLI board does not scale the vdimm that high.

07-25-05, 09:37 PM
i didnt think so, the ddr booster is not compatible and the highest voltage in bios is 3V. thx jakup (just needed to know from someone who has/had the board ;) )