View Full Version : My leadtek 6800GT is broken or what?? weird

07-23-05, 07:14 PM
I spent a month in Chicago :D and i came back last weekend. First thing i did was install the 77.72 new official drivers. Check a 3dmark2005, ok, and then download Luna Demo for 7800gtx...

Then i saw some graphic glitches:


Ok now what??

I have test some games and benchs:

-Hl2 (valve stress test)--> Perfect
-Doom3 (timedemo1) --> perfect also
-Pes4 (played for hours)--> perfect
-3dmark2003, test number 1 (planes) --> perfect
-Demo MadModMike 7800GTX --> perfect

-3dmark2005 --> Glitches test1 and 3
-3dmark2003 --> glitches test2 (didnt go further)
-Demo luna --> glitches

I hava tried 77.72, 80.40, 71.84... i hava also formatted today and tried 77.72 and 71.84.

Any idea??? why graphic glitches in a few things and in others just nothing? :eek: :confused: :confused:

Thanks for your time.

Acid Rain
07-23-05, 08:25 PM
Luna folder/bin/args.txt. Right click, select properties, uncheck read only, hit ok. Open args, go to the bottom, and change the 4 in the "number of samples per pixel" to 1. This disables AA. Make sure AA is set to app controlled in the display properties control panel, and run the demo.

I got that funkeh grid look on Luna's hood with any amount of AA, as well. Don't know about your other anomalies, but try the no aa and see if it helps.

07-24-05, 04:02 AM
It didnīt work, but thanks anyway.

Should i Rma my card???

The point is i had many cards, a few of them got broken but when they broke i got glitches in everygame and even in windows. This one is weird, no glitches in games DX7, no glitches in Doom3 and Hl2.. i don't understand what's going on.


Acid Rain
07-24-05, 05:03 AM
You could do an RMA, but if everything else works well, I am not real sure it's the card. Crap. You said you've reinstalled and tried some other drivers. I've tried at least four sets with the demo on my 6800GT/nForce2/AthlonXP setup (I geuss I should just fix my sig, as I've decided to wait till NV's Holiday refresh :rolleyes: ) and all drivers have rendered it beautifully, with the 67.66 and 71.89 trailing the 77.72 and 77.76 in performance (by 20 percent).

It seems odd to me to RMA a card because one single demo won't work right on it, but, then again, based on your fresh XP install (assuming you don't muddy something up on the way in), the card should render it perfectly, as do others. The call is yours.

Last advice, maybe dabble in different mb chipset drivers and definitely check the heat on your card with rthdribl (http://www.daionet.gr.jp/%7Emasa/rthdribl/index.html). I'd say check your CPU temp, but Luna only taps my 2500 for about 50% on average. It stays quite cool, running this demo.

07-24-05, 05:53 AM
I check also that, the demo HDR with the flying "balls", during 10 minutos without a problem or glitche. Didnīt go over 77š C.

I am really confused, I just tried MotoGP3 demo and perfect, but I also played a Soccer match with PES4 and saw a few glitches..

I am considering to run a 3dmark2005 loop for a couple of hours and see if it finally get broken, i am tired already :(

07-24-05, 06:14 AM
A new test, i just passed Aquamark right after testing rthdribl (HDR demo) and perfect, no glitches (with HDR demo de Temperature went up to 83š C, just after this I passed the aquamark3 benchmark.

Should i format again and install 71.84 or 80.40 but NOT 77.XX series. When i formatted yesterday i first installed the 77.72. I am not sure if all of these is because of the forceware 77.72, but i believe they have something to do..

I have a question, shouldnīt have graphic glitches in EVERYGAME/DEMo/Bench if the mem card was broken? no??

Thanks anyway.