View Full Version : Sound issue in CS:S

07-23-05, 08:11 PM
After building a new system I installed the backup I made of CS:S. But now the sounds aren't quite the same. Some are kind of muffled, and I really can't hear anything behind me.

I'm using Logitech Z-560 speakers (4 speakers and a sub, no center channel), and an Audigy gamer sound card (same card I had in the old system) with the latest drivers.

The sound in the Audigy settings in set for 4/4.1 speakers. The sound settings for Windows (WinXP Pro) is set for quadraphonic. The sound setting in CS is set for 4 speakers. This is the same way it was setup before, with the same speakers and sound card and worked fine.

Any ideas?

07-25-05, 02:43 PM
try the command

snd_digital_suround 1

that works for me, but sometimes sound cuts out completely, if that happens, just set that command to 0 and back to 1 again.