View Full Version : Are all palominos suck in overclocking?

12-20-02, 03:10 PM
Do all palominos suck in overclocking? I have an athlon XP2000
The highiest overclock i was able to get was 1.81ghz. now i cant even get close to 1.75 for some reason.
with a 12x multiplier i cant get over 145, its very unstable.
with a 10x multiplier i cant get over 170, i get lockups, and alot of restarts.

12-20-02, 04:02 PM
guess you just got a bad chip, or not good enough cooling, palomino's are great overclockers. if you check out amdmb forums, people have their chips clocked really high.

12-20-02, 04:02 PM
Could be your motherboard, not many people have had great overclocks with that board, even though 170 sounds good to me :p Best place to go for this sort of question is ForumOC (http://www.forumoc.com)

12-20-02, 04:17 PM
the palamino xp1600+ is the best overclocking of the palaminos...i got mines to 2.1ghz watercooled, still locked