View Full Version : Evga Step-up Program 7800 Waiting Period?

07-25-05, 11:13 AM
I'm on the waiting list for my card and was wondering how long the wait has been to recieve the email telling to send your card in for the swap?

07-26-05, 09:08 AM
I would love this info too as I am planning on getting an evga in the future and using said program. Feedback please!

07-26-05, 09:50 PM
I waited a week to get the e-mail with the shipping instruction. I had to call also.

It took 10 days from the time I sent them my 6800GT to have UPS deliver
the 7800GTX.

07-27-05, 05:52 AM
It has already been 2 weeks for me and I'm sure the list has grown since you were on it. Thanks for the info.