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07-26-05, 08:46 PM
I need suggestions on how to test my PC for complete stability. I had a mere overclock of 200Mhz on my CPU, which seemed rock solid until yesterday when my PC booted into a Windows garbled screen after a cold boot. I created a new Windows installation this morning after I got the error.

Upon restarting the error given by Windows led to 4 possible options, including motherboard and CPU. I want to make sure there's nothing wrong with my system, what test would you suggest to determine stability? Previously the system appeared stable in Prime for hours and hours, and played games fine with no problems. I've tested RTHDRIBL this morning for 6 hours, no probs there.

I'll be running something I can loop for hours, to stress both the CPU and video card. Which game would you suggest and how would I make it loop a test?


Edit: I could use Benchemall to loop any game, correct?

07-26-05, 09:35 PM
Run Prime95 (free and downloadable) in the background while,
Running 3Dmark05 in a constant loop through the game tests (there should be a command to loop it)

07-27-05, 04:49 AM
There is this really crazy graphic demo that I think stresses both. I don't remember how it's spelled but it looks something like rtble lol. Maybe someone else here will remember.

07-27-05, 04:53 AM
This one "rthdribl_1_2" ?

Get it here:

rthdribl (http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/rthdribl/)

07-27-05, 05:14 AM
indeed, RTHDRBIL is even better at finding glitches then ATITOOL (when i tested my 9800 XT)
Atitool didn't find error, but i could see some glitches in rthdrbil. I don't know if there are graphic test/overclocking tool like that for nvidia.

Prime 95 is fine for the CPU, and memetest for the RAM, RTHDRBIL is not very CPU intensive alone

i would also sugest a doom loop to test both graphic and CPU in the same time:
if your GFX get more power, your CPU might stall.
i sometimes run a prime95 with RTHDRBIL in the background, but that make prime a lot slower (prime take only the CPU idle time i think)

there is also a prime 95 x64 version (mine is 24.11). I found it, but i don't remember where. the readme points to mersenne org

07-27-05, 08:40 AM
I think looping HL2 with 8xS and 16xAF will do the job. I already tested with RTHDRIBL, not too demanding regarding the CPU. Thanks for the suggestions guys. :)