View Full Version : AStar MSC-2200 - 2.0 DVD-A stereo

07-27-05, 10:30 PM
I just came across this on NewEgg's site and to be honest, I'm really considering buying it. I've needed a new mini-stereo system for sometime and this thing plays EVERYTHING but SACD.

It's a single-disc unit, but the fact alone that I can pop my DualDiscs and other DVD-A discs in there and play is just SO appealing, plus the $70 price is attractive.

It sucks that it's only 30W though. :(


07-28-05, 01:10 AM
30 watts is crap. my klipsch do 400 watts and the 5.1 ultra's which I'm getting soon does 500 watts.

07-28-05, 01:42 AM
I notice it has both coax and optical digital outputs, so you might be able to use the digital input on your motherboard and play the sound through your current speakers.

Or you could just buy new speakers with digital inputs, that should work too.

07-29-05, 04:35 AM
most new DVD players have optical digital outputs. my phillips 642 does (it's $70 at target). it plays PAL and ntsc formatted DVDs and mpeg2 divx and xvid files.