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07-28-05, 08:55 PM

Ok, first post here so dont smack me down too hard if I step on a forum rule or 2. First Ill give you all the specs I can recall about my comp.

Windows XP SP2
AMD 64 3200+
Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 nForce4 4X chipset
Palit Geforce 6200 PCI-e 256mb video card
1k pc3200 ram (dont recall manufacturer)
Creative Soundblaster

I put this computer together myself from the pieces. I installed the drivers for the geforce that came with the card on a CD. Version 61.14 if i recall correctly. I have tried to update those drivers with several diffrent driver sets since then. I downloaded the newest drivers from Nvidia, downloaded the ones from the card manufacturer site and even tried some forceware ones from 3dguru. Everytime I install them the computer will reboot as normal and when it gets to loading in windows it slows to a frame by frame show. THe monitor will click and reset and continue to do so over and over. I have tried uninstalling the old drivers first, that didnt work. Tried installing over the old drivers, tried sevreal diffrent drivers versions and all do the same thing. I flashed my bios up to latest version and updated the nforce chipset driver. I am at a total loss on how to fix this. If anyone needs any further info or has any suggestions I would be grateful.

07-28-05, 09:43 PM
For starters (you didn't mention this so I'm assuming you didn't do it), after uninstalling the old drivers reboot in safe mode and run a program called Driver Cleaner Pro. Select whatever filters you need. It is available from driverheaven.net. DC Pro gets rid of all the remainders the uninstaller misses and usually there are quite a few. If not removed they can result in conflicts/instability issues after the driver is replaced. Welcome to our board!

07-29-05, 07:15 AM
Well I was having so much trouble with it I decicded to do a fresh install, So I wiped everything and reinstalled XP. I checked to make sure nothing was in the add/remove programs list and tried installing a fresh set of updated drivers...got the same result. Thanks for the reply and thank you for the welcome.