View Full Version : ? Poor performance in DOOM 3 with 7800gtx SLI...?!?!

07-29-05, 04:57 AM
I have the rig in sig.............. using the 77.72 drivers

I spend most of my time overclocking it as opposed to actually gaming on it, as i mainly play UT2k4 on my old DELL ;)

I have just installed Doom 3 and was a bit surprised to find i cannot eat it alive as i expected to.

Could anyone else with a GTX start D3 from the beginning and just look up at the ship in the dock and post their fps......turn everything to high (not ultra)

with no AF/8AA (app controled) 1600x1200 I can only manage around 24 fps which is unplayable and a little surprising given the power of my rig.
If i force the 8x AA in the control panel I manage around 38fps @ this point but it is still very jerky.

So.............Is this all I can expect or is something wrong??

07-29-05, 06:57 AM
if u use 8xAA SLI mode this might be the problem (thoose SLI AA are very poor performer) especialy if you forgot the 4x seting in doom3.
if you have 80-85 fps in 1600x1200 4xAA, 16xAF (image_filter) in Ultra mode, then your setup is fine.
edit: with your CPU u might even be at 90-100

07-29-05, 08:06 AM
I have 2 7800GTX XFX cards too. Tell me what you get with timedemo1 at 1280x1024 x8AA ,High quality SLI and non SLI and compare our results.