View Full Version : SLI- MSI or ABIT?

07-29-05, 07:56 PM
okay, i have to decide between these 2 boards...



i like the SBlive onboard, but i do kinda like using the nvidia audio panel. but then again, its SBlive onboard, thats nice




i love the alc880 audio, and i like the silent cooling for the chipset.. i just dont know which one i like better.

any opinions?

07-30-05, 12:03 PM
I say the MSI one, silent cooling isn't going to be a biggest issue and for a chipset, how often are you really going to notice the sound with a cpu fan and a couple video cards whirring away..

I'd rather SB over anything else for audio

07-30-05, 02:21 PM

07-30-05, 02:54 PM

07-31-05, 10:54 AM
i agree, the MSI has a few more features, but to me its all about what i need personally.

the abit is cheaper and has the non-fan cooled northbridge. thats a big plus for me since i love a silent PC. and it has firewire that i use.

but can anyone confirm for sure that is has alc880? i have been searching everywhere for hours this morning, and i cant find anything for sure. i only ask cause the AOpen i just bought CLAIMED it has alc880 and it was alc850. jerks

07-31-05, 11:01 AM
Definitely the MSI but if you're gonna spend that much might as well go for the DFI(which is a better board imho)

07-31-05, 11:02 AM
think so? i hadn;t really thought about DFI. but i am trying to not spend too much, hence why the abit caught my eye. but until i knoiw about the onboard audio, i'll still research

07-31-05, 12:49 PM
Yeah definitely worth looking into mate, they have made a believer out of me on the first buy. OCing and stability is out of this world and the build quality of the board is noticable. I even messed up and picked up the ultra but was able to make a true SLI board out of it very easily. The MSI does have better onboard audio though.

07-31-05, 01:33 PM
Yes if you plan to go for any extreme OC'ing, I would go for the DFI, the MSI is not a bad OC'r either. The Abit board is... meh. Just not a fan of them anymore.

07-31-05, 10:05 PM
i went looking around locally, and the DFI almost got me. i voted against the MSI, cause i havent been friends with creative, since my audigy 2 adventures. the abit has the ALC880 which is a big thing for me, and that silent cooling freakin rocks. i always complain about noisey pc's, so the chipset fan is one less to worry about. besides, the abit was almost the same as the MSI, minus 2 SATA and the audio, and i was alot cheaper. wish me luck. my switch over to SLI HAS NOT BEEN SMOOTH. first, a returned DFI, the a returned Aopen. man o man, i am suprised i havent tossed my pc out the window. those 6600GT's SLI better be cool :)

08-01-05, 12:16 PM
I would vote ABIT here for one reason between MSI and ABIT. If you decide to get or upgrade to the 7800 gtx, you are SOL. Unless MSI has made a new revision of their SLI motherboards, there is a capacitor stopping from getting the 7800 gtx card all the way in one of the PCI-E slots.

08-02-05, 07:51 AM
Is there anyone browsing that has the ABIT AN8-SLI? if so, what is your onboard audio chip?

08-02-05, 08:23 AM
I know you didn't name it and I'd grab the the DFI SLi board. Getting ready to get one myself and two of those 490mhz 7800 GTXs from evga.

08-02-05, 08:32 AM
I know you didn't name it and I'd grab the the DFI SLi board. Getting ready to get one myself and two of those 490mhz 7800 GTXs from evga.

i was really eyeing those DFI boards. they are really well built and everyone only has nice things to say about them. The abit grabbed me cause of the heatpipe cooling, and (I HOPE THIS IS ACCURATE) the alc880 audio. but, i know (and you probably do too) that you are gonna love your DFI